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First things first

  • What is this website?
    A collection of videoclips where I ‘enjoy’ exhaust pipes of motorcycles and cars by having sex with them.
  • Why would you do that?
    I don’t know. Fetishes are weird and so is this one.
    I’m attracted to the sound, vibrations, soot, and round curves of a sexy vehicle.
    There are several ‘sub categories’ within this fetish, actually. Some people do what I do, many others are more interested in the polluting aspects of a gas or diesel powered vehicle.
  • Where can I find out more about this fetish?
    There’s a brief Wikipedia entry. There are a few forums: abgase.club is currently the most active community. There’s also sexwithcars.com, but it’s more quiet there.
    If you have any in-depth questions that you can’t find answers to: feel free to get in touch!
  • Why is this website in English? Aren’t you Dutch? Can you pronounce “Scheveningen”?
    Yes, I am Dutch. But: the kink community is a bit more international, and I often talk to people from outside the country about this kink, too. To make things easy I decided to make the website in a language that most people will at least understand a bit. But feel free to reach out in Dutch!

About the owner of this website

  • Are you gay?
    No. You might think so because I’m a member of ROMEO and Recon, but this has a different reason.
    These sites host many bikers who often know a thing or two about what having a fetish is like. I don’t want to shove my fetish into the face of people who would be appalled by that, and I also want to be approached in a normal human fashion.
    Let’s say that I don’t think it would be a good time if I’d set up my fetish profile on a regular motorcycle web forum.
  • Do you want to fuck?
    Unless it’s a horny machine or a lady, no thank you 😉
  • Who are you?
    For obvious reasons I’m absolutely not going to tell you that, unless there’s mutual trust and you understand that I don’t wish to have this information spread without my prior consent.
  • Where are you?
    Usually somewhere in the Rotterdam area in The Netherlands.
  • Why don’t you get a car/bike of your own?
    There were some monetary reasons, most importantly: I really wanted to buy an apartment of my own in an area that’s close enough to work. I also don’t have a license because of those same monetary reasons.
    But: check in for an update probably towards the end of 2024. 👀

More about dabg0’s interests

  • Do you feel any kind of relationship with a car or motorcycle?
    No. Some mechanophiliacs attribute human characteristics to cars or motorcycles or even truly see them as living beings. I don’t share any of that with them — I see ‘my version of the fetish’ as just another method of externally stimulated masturbation, much like using a vibrator.
  • Are there any specific vehicles you’d love to do some day?
    Before I answer this: obviously I’m massively thankful for any machine that I get to meet for this weird-ass kink. But of course I do have dreams about this!
    I would die for the chance to do one of those JDM cars — you know the ones: big fat aftermarket exhaust pipe under an equally big ‘butt’. The Mazda RX-7 FD3S would be a dream.
    My motorcycle equivalent of this would be the late-90s or early-00s Yamaha R1 or R6 bikes in the blue color scheme they had back then. (With a big fat sooty aftermarket exhaust, of course.)

About this website

  • Why are these videos here?
    I used to host all of these clips on Xtube. Unfortunately, they have decided to shut down their operations in 2021. To prevent having to move the content every few years, I decided to give it a fixed place myself.
    To keep this content accessible for a broader (potentially) interested audience, I have also re-uploaded my videos to xHamster and ThisVid. Please refer to the links under the ‘Contact’ menu on this website.
  • Do you collect any information about me as a visitor of this website?
    I refuse to collect or share any analytics data, because I care about your privacy just as much as mine. There are a few exceptions to this rule:
    • Server logs contain your IP address, requested URL, HTTP request type and your browser headers. These logs are rotated automatically.
    • Cloudflare logs the same information in the event your visit triggers a challenge page. The logs of those events are also rotated automatically.
    • Your IP address and any entered information in comment forms on this site will be stored indefinitely, so the website can recognize people who have commented before and let those comments through quicker.
  • Can you tell me more about my privacy while visiting this site?
    Yes! Feel free to check out the cookie and privacy policies.
    If you still have questions after that, please get in touch and I’ll do my best to answer them all.

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